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Now, what is SEO article writing using the bum marketing method?

First of all, search engines both crave and love content, particularly keyword rich content that is unique and on topic.

If you can provide interesting and informative content on your topic by authoring informational rich articles covering the subject on top of incorporating unique keywords that have competition of under 1,000 when putting your keyword phrase within quotes while researching using the search engines.

If the keyword phrase fit the requirement, you then put these keyword phrases into your article titles, within the article body and you too can rank higher in the search engines results. Try to keep your keywords at about 1% to 2% density. So that is about one keyword per one hundred words.

There is more to bum marketing to be effective but that is the basics to get started for now.

Many individuals who have tried article marketing in the past have little or no clue on how to author articles that will rank high within the search engines.

Often times beginners will make the error of creating one article after another in hopes of drawing in more traffic to their sites but will become suddenly disappointed when they witness how few views they are getting on their articles.

Article writing takes a lot of time and effort and unfortunately most people giving up on it before the profits come in. There is a nice tool which can help the article writing process called Instant Article Factory which helps people knock out articles in a matter of minutes. It is a must have for the toolbox of every bum marketer.

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