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Increasing communication with developers- During meetings, you should always discuss all points with developers and even ask for additional information on unclear aspects so as to avoid all kinds of misunderstandings. This will help you resolve problems quickly and easily. 14. Identifying regression test cases- You should identify and then group sets of regression testing cases as that will help in effective testing of manual regression.

15. Testing team should own test environments- Test environment and production should be exact replicas of each other. While developing, developers add configurations in run script, but failing to add them in configuration file or release document would result in failed application during production despite working in lower environment. So the test environment should be owned by testing teams so that things like these can be controlled.

For promotion of good software throughout the world, good testers must share experiences and best testing practices with fellow testers. You can hire software test professionals from top automation testing companies India who can help you accomplish testing within allocated budgets and time schedules.

A Guide to Writing Excellent Technical Documents

Technical writing deals with developing manuals, help documents, technical white papers and other forms of technical documents. Additionally, you need to effectively be able to communicate the technical communication to people who are non-technical.

Start by developing a good plan for the technical document. The plan needs to list the types of technical documents required and define what audience is targeted for each. Are they end-users with limited technical knowledge well-versed technical staff? Also make a list of who will develop, who will approve and the estimated date for starting and finishing the document.

Do a review of existing information on the topic you are to write about. Seek information from the subject matter experts about the subject. This can help you shorten the time you will need to develop the technical documentation.