Custom Research Papers

Includes headers with page numbering

Inserts complex page numbering seamlessly (MS Word only)

Adds properly formatted headings

Automatically formats the reference list

Allows you to include the same references in multiple documents from the built-in database

Formats indentation and punctuation for all references accurately

Provides sample tables that you can modify and insert easily (MS Word only)

Seamlessly add citations in the body of the paper

Allows you to access your work from more than one computer

Gives you the option to synch your reference database with multiple computers

If you have authored any papers in the APA format, you know there are multiple guidelines that you need to apply. Look at the list above and think of the amount of time you spend per paper managing these manually. Would not authoring a paper be so much easier if you knew it was formatted properly from the start? Using formatting software means that you can focus on typing in content and the software will take care of all formatting concerns. Think of how much time you could save if you did not have to go back to review and apply the latest guidelines of the APA format.

As you write content in your paper, you can add it knowing that the software will apply the APA format throughout. In the academic world, it is extremely important to cite all of your references fully in your papers. APA formatting software automatically formats the reference list and makes inserting citations simple. All you have to do is type them in once and they will be correctly listed. And when you write multiple papers in the same course, it’s likely that you will include the same references in more than one paper. The software makes it easy to reuse references in multiple documents with its built-in database.