what do bears eat,black bears habitat,where do bears live,black bear size,

what do bears eat

Insects and larvae Fish Succulent plants Honey It’s common knowledge that bears are omnivores and eat both plants and meat but are they truly the powerful predators they are portrayed to be? You see a bear’s diet depends on the season.Honey, Straight From A Beehive, Seeds ,Eggs ,Grass, etc.



black bears habitat

They inhabit both coniferous and deciduous forests, as well as open alpine habitats. Habitat of the Black Bear  Scientists recognize sixteen different subspecies of black bears, which occupy a wide variety of habitats. Most habitats share a few characteristics that allow these bears to thrive. Thick vegetation, and difficult-to-access terrain keeps these bears safe, and is one reason they prefer living in areas isolated from human interruption.

black bear weight

WEIGHT: 200 to 600 pounds
Male: 59 – 300 kg
Female: 41 – 79 kg

black bear size

SIZE: 5 to 6 feet long . The black bear is large and stocky and has a short tail. Adults range from 1.5 to 1.8  metres (5 to 6 feet) in length and weigh 90–270 kg (200–600 pounds). Males can be up to 70 percent heavier than females



black bear about

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ursus americanus
COMMON NAME: American Black Bear
TYPE: Mammals
DIET: Omnivore
GROUP NAME: Sleuth, sloth
SIZE: 5 to 6 feet long
WEIGHT: 200 to 600 pounds

where do black bears live

They are found in North America ,Alaska, much of Canada and the contiguous United States, and extend as far south as northern Mexico. The species ranges from Canada in the north to Mexico in the south, and lives predominantly in forests, feeding on fruit, nuts, shoots and vegetation.





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