Grizzly bear attack, Bear attack

“This decision is never made lightly, and when it is made, it is to prevent more attacks by that particular bear,” Alberta Fish and Wildlife said in a Facebook post. CALGARY — Alberta Fish and Wildlife confirms the grizzly bear that killed a woman near Water Valley, Alta. last week has been captured and was […]

Are bats really blind?

Bats aren’t blind. can in fact see quite well using their eyes the expression “blind as a bat” comes from bats having very small eyes but they can see and some can see very well. Imagine being in the school at night with all the lights out and trying to walk or run around without […]

what do bats eat,

What do bats eat:- Other species of bats eat many different things, including fruit, nectar, and pollen. Bats are important pollinators as they fly from plant to plant in search of food. In some cases prey species have been identified from stomach contents or from discarded pieces under night roosts, but such studies have not yet […]

Giant armadillo, armadillo habitat, facts, armadillo diet

Giant armadillo:- All armadillos have a distinctive tough carapace made from bony plates, overlaid by horny skin. The Giant Armadillo is the largest of the 20 armadillo species and can grow to 1.2  metres in total length. In 2010 Arnaud  Desbiez set up the Giant Armadillo Conservation Project in Brazil’s Pantanal – the largest wetland […]

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