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Giant armadillo:-

All armadillos have a distinctive tough carapace made from bony plates, overlaid by horny skin. The Giant Armadillo is the largest of the 20 armadillo species and can grow to 1.2  metres in total length. In 2010 Arnaud  Desbiez set up the Giant Armadillo Conservation Project in Brazil’s Pantanal – the largest wetland in the world. This was the first long-term study of giant armadillos. At the time, little was known about this enigmatic species and few landowners even knew of its existence. Giant armadillos are listed as ‘Vulnerable to Extinction’ by the IUCN, are rare throughout their range, and have experienced local extinctions in Uruguay and elsewhere.



Armadillo habitat:-

Giant Armadillos are found mostly in Terrestrial Biomessavanna or grassland forest rainforest scrub forest undisturbed savannah or forest, usually close to water, from northern Venezuela to Paraguay and northern Argentina. They dig large burrows for resting, using their third claws, which act like spades. They can keep balance, standing on their hind legs and tail.


armadillo facts:-

Brazilian Three-Banded Armadillos Are Lazarus Species .The Nine-Banded Is the Only Species Found in the United States. They Sleep Up to 16 Hours Each Day. They Spread Leprosy. The Giant Armadillo Is the Largest.

Armadillo diet

An armadillos diet is comprised of beetles, insects, ants, termites, plants and some fruit. If given the chance, they will eat small ground-nesting birds and their eggs. With their characteristic natural body armor and wide range in size – full-grown armadillos can be as small as 3 ounces and as large as 120 pounds – it is natural to wonder what armadillos eat to grow and maintain their uncommon physical form and how they go about getting food in the wild.




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