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In fact, there are well over 1,400 identified types of bats UK ,US , around the world with new species being discovered every year. Plus, out of all of these funky flying mammals, there are dozens that are certifiably cute.

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  • Bat Anatomy : The body of the bat is one that has fascinated researchers for centuries. They have webbing that creates their wings. These wings are in place of any forelimbs. The limbs of the bat usually feature two sharp claws.


  • Bat Role in Pollination When we think about pollination, it is typically the birds and the bees that come to mind. Most people have no clue that the bat also places a huge role in that process.
  • Bat Habitat The bat is a creature that is highly adaptable. Research shows that there are very few places in the world where they don’t reside. They typically will reside in caves where they have access to water, safe places to hide from predators during the day, and plenty of food.


  • Bat Reproduction Since bats live in very large colonies, it isn’t hard for them to find each other to mate. However, the males and the females typically stay segregated unless they are ready to mate.


  • Bat Echolocation Most species of bats rely on echolocation to help them find prey. This is why it is no problem at all for them to be able to find prey in complete darkness.


  • Bat Feeding When you think about bats and what they eat, does the thought of blood come to mind? Only a very small fraction of bats in the world actually survive off of the blood of other animals.

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  • Indian Flying Fox
    Honduran White Bat
    California Leaf-Nosed BatEgyptian Fruit Bat

    types of bats

  1. Lesser Short-Nosed Fruit Bat
  2. Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat
  3. Eastern Red Bat
  4. Greater False Vampire Bat
  5. Greater False Vampire Bat
  6. Soprano Pipistrelle
  7. Desert Long-Eared Bat
  8. Sulawesi Flying Fox
  9. Spotted Bat
  10. Hoary Bat




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