Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hoover Pure Essentials™?

Hoover Pure Essentials™ is Hoover's first Bio Based cleaning solution. The collection offers Carpet, Hard Floor, and Pretreat cleaners.

What does Bio-Based mean?

Bio-Based means the formula is comprised of materials from plants & minerals.

What products are in this collection?

The collection offers Carpet, Hard Floor, and Pretreat cleaners in various sizes. These formulas can be used with Powered Carpet Washing Machines, Hard Floor Machines, and stand-alone as well.

Why is Hoover choosing to launch plant-based cleaners?

Hoover is launching this collection to give users a plant-based option. As natural products have grown in the cleaning space, we wanted to offer a product that is comprised of natural ingredients but packs a punch with its cleaning power.

Does Pure Essentials™ really clean as well as Hoover Original/Renewal?

Yes, the Hoover Pure Essentials™ Carpet Formula cleans comparable to the Hoover Renewal Carpet Formula.

What machine products can I use this with?

The carpet formula can be used with any Hoover Upright Carpet Washer. The hard floor formula can be used with Hoover Hard Floor Cleaners and the Hard Floor trigger can be used with a microfiber cloth/towel. The Pretreat formula is a stand-alone formula and can be used with a cloth to blot the stain. For best results, follow up with a Hoover Carpet Washer.